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Other Mycobacteria

Essentials of Diagnosis Demonstration of the acid-fast bacillus. Infections more common in immunocompromised hosts. Infections mainly pulmonary or soft tissue. General Considerations The increasingly relative importance of the atypical mycobacteria, many of which are ubiquitous in the environment, was recognized with the decline in tuberculous disease. Generally, atypical mycobacteria are unusual causes of disease in patients who are immunocompetent but can in immunocompromised hosts such as AIDS and cancer patients. Most infections caused by atypical mycobacteria are skin and soft tissue abscesses, sometimes following pulmonary infection or implantation of prosthetic devices. There have been a few reports of epidemics of iatrogenic infection with atypical mycobacteria, associated with injection of contaminated materials. …


Description of Medical Condition An acute infectious disease caused by Vibrio cholerae (El Tor type is responsible for current epidemic, the other type, classic, is found only in Bangladesh). (New serotype now in Bangladesh, India (0139). Important because of lack of efficacy of standard vaccine.) Characteristics include severe diarrhea with extreme fluid and electrolyte depletion, and vomiting, muscle cramps and prostration. Usual course: acute; chronic; relapsing. • Clinical course is 3-5 days, and in the early stages a severely affected patient can lose one liter of fluid per hour • Endemic areas: India; Southeast Asia; Africa; Middle East; Southern Europe; Oceania; South and Central America System(s) affected: Gastrointestinal Genetics: N/A Incidence/Prevalence …

Antimicrobial therapy: general principles

A wide variety of antimicrobial agents is available to treat established infections caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, or parasites. This section will cover the general principles of antimicrobial therapy and will also include illustrative clinical problems to emphasize proper decision-making in using antimicrobials. Determinants of Antimicrobial Efficacy Measurement of antimicrobial activity in vitro Susceptibility testing is indicated for any bacterial pathogen warranting chemotherapy. Drugs that irreversibly destroy the ability of an organism to replicate, and perhaps in the process destroy the structural integrity of the organism, are microbicidal. Drugs that reversibly impair replicating ability, with this function being restored when drug concentrations fall below critical inhibitory levels, are microbiostatic. In quantitative …

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Co-trimoxazole [Bactrim 400+80mg, 800+160mg] Tablets • Co-trimoxazole is a synergistic fixed combination of sulfamethoxazole (an intermediate-acting antibacterial sulfonamide), and trimethoprim; both sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim are synthetic folate-antagonist anti-infectives. Cautions Read indications for use if you want to order Co-trimoxazole online The most frequent adverse effects of co-trimoxazole are adverse GI effects (nausea, vomiting, anorexia) and sensitivity skin reactions (e.g., rash, urticaria), each reportedly occurring in about 3.5% of patients. The incidence and severity of these adverse reactions are generally dose related, and adverse reactions may occasionally be obviated by a reduction in dosage. Hypersensitivity and hematologic reactions are the most serious adverse effects of co-trimoxazole, reportedly occurring in less than 0.5% of …

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Co-trimoxazole [Bactrim 400+80mg, 800+160mg Tablets]: Dosage and Administration Co-trimoxazole: Reconstitution and Administration Read indications for use if you want to order Co-trimoxazole  online Co-trimoxazole [Bactrim 400+80mg, 800+160mg Tablets] is administered orally or by IV infusion. When oral therapy is not feasible or for severe infections, the drug may be administered IV. The drug should not be injected IM. Co-trimoxazole for injection concentrate must be diluted prior to IV infusion. For IV infusion, each 5 mL of the concentrate for injection containing 80 mg of trimethoprim is usually diluted with 125 mL of 5% dextrose. In patients in whom fluid intake is restricted, each 5 mL of the concentrate may be diluted in 75 …

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Co-trimoxazole: Uses • Urinary Tract Infections Co-trimoxazole is used for the treatment of urinary tract infections (UTIs) caused by susceptible strains of E. coli, Proteus (indole-positive or -negative), Klebsiella, Morganella morganii, or Enterobacter. Co-trimoxazole, given in single doses, as 3-day therapy, or for 7-10 days, is effective in the treatment of acute uncomplicated UTIs. Some clinicians consider a 3-day regimen of co-trimoxazole the treatment of choice for the empiric treatment of acute uncomplicated UTIs. Co-trimoxazole also is used for the treatment of acute complicated UTIs (e.g., UTIs associated with abnormalities of the urinary tract or neurogenic bladder), but other anti-infectives are preferred by most clinicians. For the treatment of acute pyelonephritis, …

Dihydrofolate Reductase Inhibitors

Overview. The dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) inhibitors target bacterial DHFR, an enzyme involved in the folic acid pathway, thereby disrupting bacterial replication. DHFR inhibitors target both gram-positive and gram negative-bacteria and hence could serve as broad-spectrum antibacterials. Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (Roche’s Bactrim, Monarch’s Septra, generics), the most common folic acid biosynthesis inhibitor, was used in the past to treat RTIs such as mild pneumonia and sinusitis. However, the emergence of S. pneumoniae resistant to trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, concerns regarding sulfa hypersensitivity, and poor activity against atypical RTI organisms has limited its use. Newer drugs in this class are being designed that overcome current mechanisms of resistance and provide a better spectrum of coverage against RTI pathogens. …

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Generic Name: Co-trimoxazole UK: Septrin 80 mg/400 mg Tablets 1. What Septrin is and what it is used for Read indications for use if you want to order Co-trimoxazole online Septrin 80 mg/400 mg Tablets (called ‘Septrin’ in this leaflet) are made up of two different medicines called sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. These medicines are sometimes given the combined name co-trimoxazole. Both belong to a group of medicines called antibiotics. They are used to treat infections caused by bacteria. Like all antibiotics, Septrin only works against some types of bacteria. This means that it is only suitable for treating some types of infections. Septrin can be used to treat or prevent: • …

Treatment for melioidosis

Question: What is the current treatment for melioidosis? Answer: Melioidosis is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Pseudomonas pseudomallei. The disease has several forms depending on the location of the infection, each varying in severity. Melioidosis is most frequently reported in Southeast Asia. The bacterium that causes the disease is found in the soil, rice paddies, and stagnant waters of the area. Humans contract the disease when the contaminated soil contacts skin abrasions (tears). Melioidosis most commonly involves the lungs where the infection can form a cavity of pus (abscess). It can spread from the skin through the blood to affect the heart, brain, liver, kidneys, joints, and eyes. …

Successful Antibiotic Desensitization

Antibiotics are often an essential component of the therapeutic plan that is developed to improve the clinical course of a patient. Typically, certain antibiotics are better for a given clinical condition. Allergies to these antibiotics, however, may limit the use of these antibiotics and in certain cases may complicate the course of optimal care. Allergies to antibiotics have become an great hindrance to the clinician. Today, especially in the context of the diagnosis of HIV, certain drugs, which are considered to be drugs of choice, are very necessary. However, their use may be contraindicated in certain patients because of a pre-existing allergic reactions to these antimicrobials. One approach to using antibiotics

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